Preparing for a court case is stressful. It almost feels like preparing for battle. Preparing and collating documents needs careful thought and planning. This can be extremely time consuming, causing worry and stress.

If you choose a legal fight, you will be giving away control of how your matter is dealt with and the outcome. Someone you don’t know, lawyer or Judge, will deal with things on your behalf. They know little of you, but they will be making decisions for you.

You will be at the mercy of court timetables, waiting for court hearings to be listed. Once listed, you wait again, until it’s time to attend at court.

How much better would it be to avoid all this waiting and worry and be able to spend this time with your family or friends or doing something you love?

The approach your legal advisor takes when dealing with your matter will have a positive or negative effect on costs, time and outcome.

Attending at court can be traumatic in itself. Final decisions are made on your behalf. Will the Judge see the case from your point of view? Will they understand your needs or concerns? The outcome may, or may not, be what you hoped for. One of you will win, so one must lose.

You may not want a legal fight, but a court case can end up this way.

Consider the anxiety and stress all this preparation and waiting can cause. Consider the impact upon your children. They are very perceptive, picking up on your distress, hostility and tension. What impact could this have on them? How do you continue to be a role model for them, when at war with their other parent?

So what is the alternative? Mediation! Resolve your issues with the support of a fully trained and experienced Lawyer Mediator.

It makes sense to retain control. In mediation, you make your own decisions, and both achieve a win result.

You can have the support of both a Mediator and Solicitor, when needed. Using each professional for what they do best, saves you time and money.