How many times have you heard someone say … “oh I thought you meant …”

Have you ever had a friend or family member relay a story to you, and you questioned if the other person really meant something the way it was being portrayed to you?

Presumption can affect an outcome, quite dramatically. Incorrect presumptions, misunderstandings and communication difficulties can destroy a relationship.
Perhaps your spouse or partner is more outgoing or flirty than you. They may be flattered by some recent attention. This doesn’t mean that they are having an affair or are looking for someone new. They may even be seeking a little re-assurance of your affection for them.

A colleague may carry out a task in a different way to you at work, or have a different way of expressing themselves. Just because you tackle things differently, is it right to presume less of them or that they unable to do the job, or that it won’t be done correctly?

Beliefs are personal. Have one opinion or another does not mean one person is right and the other person is wrong. Try to understand one another whilst respecting each other’s different beliefs on a subject.

Bad communication can cause real harm. Saying nothing can be dangerous, saying too much in the heat of the moment can be just as devastating.

Dwelling on misunderstandings or poorly judging someone or a situation can wreck a family, friend or workplace relationship. Try to ensure you are in possession of as many of the facts as possible before you make a presumption. Consider you may not be being told the whole story, or the other person may feel unable to voice this.

TALK to one another, calmly and politely. Show the other person respect, even though you may not agree with what they are saying. This encourages dialog, an exchange of opinions and helps restore communication so you can begin to understand one another again.

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