Making the decision to separate or divorce is difficult enough. Resolving your financial issues is often the next hurdle to face. You will need to carefully consider both your current and future financial needs, and those of your family.

Where you have children, we help you reach your own maintenance agreements, tailored for your children’s needs. We also ensure such payments are affordable to you. In addition, you may wish to consider not only their day to day living expenses but future educational costs. Additional expenses can include activities, holidays, and anything else relevant to your child.

There is truth in the old saying “two can live as cheaply as one”. Whilst living as a family you will have benefited from the cost of one mortgage or rent, used the same heating etc. Once you separate, your income will then need to stretch to cover two separate households.

We can help you find acceptable and affordable solutions for you both, looking at your daily and future financial needs to enable you to reach fair agreements.

We help you reach solutions when splitting your assets and any debts. Will the family home need to be sold? Can one of you afford to remain there? Would this be the best option for you and any children? If so, can the other parent afford to re-house themselves? Future financial implications also need careful consideration.

We also help you how you may deal with consider any other assets; such as vehicles, pensions, inheritance, antiques, collections, second homes, property abroad, businesses, savings, shares, bonds etc. Our Lawyer Mediators help you look at all the options. You then both decide what would be the best outcome for you both.

Would you be willing to take a chance on legal proceedings? A legal fight or court proceedings can result in choices being taken away from you. In a fight there is always one winner, and one loser. In a court case, a Judge will make the final decision if no agreement has been reached. This decision could mean an unhappy outcome for you.

Are you ready to give such a life changing decision to someone who doesn’t know you or your family? Wouldn’t you rather make your own decisions within mediation?

Why gamble with your future?

Stay in control and reach your own decisions with our help.