1. Try not to let your divorce take over or consume your life.
  2. Communication is key! During mediation, give each other the time to speak.
  3. Make a point of really listening, and hearing what each other has to say.
  4. Try to see things from their perspective and avoid scoring points or devaluing their point of view.
  5. Consider, a negative response may be caused from seeing things differently, from different angles, rather than being difficult.
  6. Be prepared to compromise a little, as you once did in your relationship. A negotiated agreement is far better than a legal battle. In court there are winners and losers and someone else decides for you. In mediation, you both make the decisions and remain in control of your own futures.
  7. Remember, you are not alone. Your family and friends are there to support you. Be mindful not to wear them out with your divorce tales or make them choose between you and your ex.
  8. You may find support groups, forums or divorce coaching helpful.
  9. Try to stay positive. Consider the freedom and choices your new life can bring you.
  10. Look after yourself. Make sure you are eating and sleeping well, and take time to de-stress.