Divorce coaching is one to one support designed to guide you through the emotional minefield of divorce. It helps you build your self-confidence and discover your inner resilience.  Coaching will help you to rediscover what is important to you,  and help you create a new, vibrant and fulfilling life.

Divorce represents a massive change in your life.  It can be a challenging and painful time, and your life will be different. But change can be good and it can be a time of transformation, possibility and opportunity.

I work with you to help you understand how your current emotions may be keeping you in a negative place. I help you find the strategies, skills and techniques that will help you to take control and move forward positively.  As you gain clarity on where you want to go, you discover how you can take responsibility for your life. Making positive, sustainable and measurable changes leading you to a happier and more fulfilling future.

I work with the ‘private’ you to help you discover what you really want in your life. As you start to incorporate the strategies and techniques I share with you, you gain more and more confidence, and the benefits are felt not only by you but by those around you. These strategies are going to stay with you, far beyond our time together and you will be able to identify how you can do things differently whenever you are facing a challenge in years to come.

To achieve the results you want, you too will have a part to play. After each session I will give you an action plan to help take positive steps forward, one at a time. All that is needed from you is a decision to be committed to making your future life, the one you would love to live.

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