If you are not sure where your relationship is heading, but do not want to separate, with my support you can restore the harmony in your relationship.

I use the same skills used in divorce mediation to help couples stay together.

Often couples are unsure how to go about seeking reconciliation and how to make the first move. Deciding the relationship is over can seem so final but when the lines of communication are difficult or have completely broken down, seeking a reconciliation can appear extremely difficult.

Past misunderstandings may have fuelled arguments, causing hurt or anger. Well intentioned relatives may have offered a sympathetic ear or freely given their opinions. How then do you repair the damage?

I help you focus on the future, rather than the pain of the past.

Working with me gives you the opportunity to improve the communication between you both, so that you are able to talk again and find solutions.
You decide on the areas where you want support, and I will explore these with you.

I help you find creative solutions, acceptable and suited to you both. You are then more easily able to re-build your relationship and face the future together.

The very words Marriage Guidance or Counselling can be perceived negatively. Whilst these services have their place,  you may not consider these to be the best option for you and wonder what else is available to you.

I help clients re-build their future, together or apart. I give you the opportunity to explore options in a safe environment where there is no room for blame.